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Below, we have put together a simple guide to wedding stationery.

In it we have tried to describe the typical stationery items.

This doesn't mean that you must have everything.

Every event is unique and you are free to choose the items which you feel are necessary.

Whichever items you choose, we can help co-ordinate and personalise them.


Used as the formal invitation to your event and used to advise guests of the date, time, location and nature.

It is often split in to two types, Full or Day Invitations for those who you wish to attend the ceremony etc and Evening Invitations for those invited only to the celebratory party.

The invitation pack may also be used to provide directions to the event, advise of the wedding list, etc.

If lots of information is being provided, remember to advise us so that we can provide suitable envelopes.

As with most of our stationery items, invitations come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles including cheque books and scrolls.

When planning your invitations it is worth considering postage costs as larger or thicker invitation styles can become relatively expensive to mail to guests.

Save the Date

Don't know enough information to issue a formal invitation. Why not issue a Save The Date card to help your guests plan their diaries ?

Smaller and less costly than a full invite, these provide a useful means of ensuring that those who you would like to attend can plan ahead and do so.


The phrase "RSVP" on an invitation is an acronym, for the French phrase, "repondez s'il vous plait".

This translates to "respond if you please."

It is a polite way of requesting a response to the invitation. After all, you need to know if an invited guest will attend.

These pro-formas can be very simple and very effective.

Invitations can include an RSVP card and an envelope to make things even easier for the recipient and therefore more likely for you to receive a timely response.


These are most commonly found at the table to advise guests of the food on offer.

However, they may also be included with invitations where guests are required to pre-order their food. This latter type, tends to be of the plain paper variety.

When ordering menus to be placed on tables, a useful rule of thumb is for one menu per couple.

Place Cards & Table Name Cards

These are placed on the table to ensure that guests know where they are seated. Reserved seating is often useful when you wish to ensure friends sit together. Equally importantly, as tables are often set according to gender or dietary requirements it allows the venue (or yourself) to properly plan and manage the seating arrangements.

When used in conjunction with Table Plans, these are a very effective way of reducing attendee confusion and maintaining a serene atmosphere during what can be a busy period for your event.

To add interest and personalise the event, it is becoming increasingly common for table names to be themed; for example, holiday desinations, favourite films, favourite chocolate bars, etc.

Table & Seating Plans

A large diagram (or map), usually placed at the entrance to the dining hall to indicate where and upon which table each guest is seated.

Our plans are usually based upon mount board for framing or on canvas, depending upon your requirements.

Thank You Cards

A nice way to say thank you for attending or for a gift received.

For your ease, these may be preprinted with a suitable, cover-all message. Alternatively, they can be left blank for you to complete.

In practice, a mix of the two types is often preferred.

Guest Books & Photograph Albums

Guest books are normally circulated at the end of the meal or towards the end of an event in to which guests write their comments and best wishes.

Made to co-ordinate with the stationery (if required), they provide the means by which guests can leave a personal message.

Like our guest books, a photograph albums can be made to co-ordinate with your main stationery items.

Co-ordinating Post Boxes & Treasure Chests

Guests often attend bearing cards and gifts. Post boxes allow guests to place their items in a single location. This makes it easier for you to keep track of things during your special day and afterwards too !!

For you to keep, we offer high quality cardboard post boxes and treasure chests which co-ordinate with your stationery.

For hire, we also offer a range of replica Royal Mail post boxes and even a suitcase style post box.

Favour Boxes

Wedding Favours are a traditional gift. Believed to originate in Italy, where they are known as Bomboniere, the Italians present five sugared almonds within delicate tulles and fine boxes.

There is a dazzling variety of favour boxes available.

Our favour boxes can be co-ordinated with your other stationery items, if required.

Keepsake Boxes

Used to store your treasured memories.

Our keepsake boxes can be co-ordinated with your other stationery items if required.

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